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  • June 16, 2020
  • Factors to Consider When Buying a Retail Security Tag

    If you are a retail business owner; there is a high likelihood that you have experienced cases of shoplifting in one way or another. Many types of research have been done on shoplifting. The similarity of the studies is that shoplifters will steal from all types of stores. The shocking aspect is that the shoplifters tend to lift and purchase items at the same instance. Here, you will benefit if you choose to use security tags. Here are tips for buying the best retail security tags.

    Your preexisting surveillance system has a great role to play on your preference. Security tags come in different types and labels. Some of the known and reliable surveillance systems include the acoustic magnetic and radio frequency tags. The two differ in terms of their operation frequencies; yet, they offer reliable protection. The security tags and the existing systems need to be compatible.

    Your merchandise type will significantly influence the security tags you should purchase. Sat the same time, consider the volume of sales you get to make in a day. The tags in the market differ in terms of their strengths, shapes and operating systems. Security labels are meant for small merchandise. Fashion accessories like handbags and shoes will work best with cable tags.

    Evaluate the level of protection guaranteed by the security tags. The locking mechanism will determine if your items will be secured or stolen. Besides, it determines how easy it would be to remove the tag. The common lock mechanisms are mechanical and magnetic. The magnetic option is much preferable as they come with a variety of strengths and technologies.

    To get the best protection, it is advisable to train your employees. It would be illogical to expect the security tags to work by themselves. Some retailers get disappointed as the shoplifting continues even after the installation of the system. This will, in most cases, happen when the employees are not eager to stop and check customers who cause alarms. You need to train them on how the system works. They should be skilled in effectively locking and unlocking the security tags.

    Also, consider the service provider as they greatly influence the quality you will get. Ensure you get the security tags from a service provider who is committed to quality. Regardless of the tags you will choose, they need to guarantee you reliability. The supplier needs to have confidence in what their system has to offer. It will be advantageous if the company offers 100% money-back guarantee, within a particular time frame, if you do not like what they are offering.

    Ensure that your choice is within your budget. Consider shopping around in different stores and taking note of the good and bad sides of their products. Based on what you find out, choose the best service provider you can comfortably pay.

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