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  • August 15, 2020
  • Sure Ways and Ideas on How to Improve Conversions

    Extensive marketing is crucial for every business to achieve better sales and promote the brand to a large audience. One of the most common digital marketing ideas used today is Google ads. The effectiveness of a Google ad depends on how fast it brings lead to a business. The conversion rate is defined by the number of clicks that turn in actual sale or lead. Statistics who that the average conversion rate of ads is 4.4% and this is not a good figure following the huge amount invested. The low level of conversion rate means that businesses should focus on ways that will improve the figure.

    If you decide to run ads on different platforms, you should ensure that you have a perfectly working tracking system. The number of Google, Bing, and Facebook ads accounts with a working tracking system is quite low. The use of Google analytics is common as a suitable tracking system for monitoring conversion rate. After setting up the tracking system, you should monitor the performance of your leads to know the ones that you should keep and the one to abandon. Nonetheless, if you are not happy with the figures that you see, you should invest in the best improve methods and strategies. Below, you will learn some of the tips on how to increase conversions.

    First and foremost, you should strive for a high quality score. Improving quality score involves providing useful content to all the searcher. The need to have a high quality score is emphasized since Google rewards businesses with premium placement at a low cost. If you want to attain a high quality score, you should improve on keywords, landing pages, and ads. With an improved quality score, you will be sure of a high conversion rate. The best means of improving these aspects is seeking assistance from SEO professionals.

    Next, you should narrow down on your audience. Not all the online users are interested in any of your products or services hence you should identify your target audience. Narrowing your audience will ensure that you spend less in your Google search campaign. A suitable method that you should consider to narrow your audience is the use of exact match long-tail keywords. If you have the right keywords, you will realize a significant increase in your conversion rate.

    Optimize your landing pages. Your landing pages should load fast and have an SSL certificate. Always test your landing pages to ensure that they load quickly. Lastly, abandon terms that are not leading to sales. Based on your search term report, you should identify the right keywords to use on your ad. As a Google campaign manager, you should use this guide to improve your conversion rate.
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